What are Macronutrients?

Updated: May 26, 2018

So I talked about macronutrients within your diet last time so what are they?

They're protein, fats & carbohydrates.


Protein is essential to your body at all phases of life.

Made up of amino acids, it’s responsible for building lean muscle tissue. When you are engaging in intense physical activity, getting adequate protein is critical. Your body simply will not be able to recover from these workouts without it, as ample protein is essential for muscle recovery & growth. This muscle growth is what will transform your body into a metabolic machine.

The best sources of lean high-quality proteins include:

Proteins all raw weight-:

Chicken-150g calories 246, fat 5g, carbs 0g, protein 46g

Whitefish – 150g calories201, fat 8g carbs 0g protein 28g

Salmon/oily fish 150g calories 219 fat 9g carbs 0g protein 32g

Turkey 150g calories 156 fat 2g carbs 6g protein 25g

Beef 150g calories 378 fat 22g carbs0g protein 40g

Egg whites 150g calories 78 fat 0g carbs 1g protein16g

Tuna (tinned) 150g calories 174 fat 1g carbs 0g protein38g

Eggs 1 large calories 74 fat 5g carbs 0g protein 6g


Thinking of carbs as the enemy is soooo 1990’s. Most of the world’s healthiest foods, such as fruit, vegetables, & whole grains, are primarily carbohydrates. Carbs are your body’s preferred fuel source. They are not stored in the body tissue, only by your liver in a limited amount. So the more you exercise, the more you need to take in. Without enough carbs, your body will shut down during hard physical exertions. Too many carbs, however they get stored as body fat. If you skimp on carbs, you will simply not be able to complete your work out effetely.

Refined (or white) carbs & sugars have a high glycemic index, which can be like poison to your body. They cause an insulin response that can send your blood sugar levels soaring. Then rapidly dropping This “ sugar rush” will leave you feeling lethargic, & definitely in no shape to workout .

Healthy carbs generally have a low glycemic index, meaning that they supply your body with a slow, steady stream of blood sugar, giving you constant energy to get you through your daily activities & fuel your workouts.

Be sure to choose “good carbs “each day.

Carbs all raw weight-:

Sweet potatoes 150g calories 129 fat 0g carbs 30g protein 2g

Brown rice 50g calories 185 fat 1g carbs38g protein 4g

Brown pasta 50g calories 174 fat 1g carbs37g protein 7g

Couscous 50g calories 188 fat 0g carbs 38g protein 6g

Bugler wheat 50g calories 171 fat 0g carbs 38g protein 6g

Bananas medium calories105 fat 0.39g carbs 27g protein 1g

Wraps calories 100 fat 2g carbs 17g protein 8g

Bagels calories270 fat 2g carbs 53g protein 10g

Oats 50g calories 194 fat 3g carbs 33g protein 8g

Whole vegetables


Not all fats are bad for you. In fact, they are just as important as proteins carbs play a key role almost every bodily function. Many fats, such as omega 3,6 9 fatty acids, are central to the healthy function of your metabolism, immune system, brain. The key is to avoid too much saturated fat (found mostly in fatty cuts of meat high-fat dairy). Tran’s fats (found in some baked goods, margarines, cookies and crackers). When in doubt, check the food label keep the following in mind:

Avoid any food with Tran’s fats, which are now required to be listed on the label.

Limit fatty cuts of meat. The more white you see on meat, the more saturated fat there is. Saturated fat is solid at room temperature, so while the fat appears to dissolve when cooked, it will harden up when it cools off. The same thing occurs in your arteries- not good!!!

Avoid all poultry skin; it’s best to remove it prior to cooking to avoid the saturated fat from leaking into the poultry.

Choose fatty fish, such as salmon, to optimize your intake of healthy oils.

Choose natural cooking oils, like olive oil coconut oil. They're an excellent source of desirable monounsaturated fat.

Choose all natural nuts nut butters.

Choose low-fat dairy to decrease saturated fats.

Good fats -:

Coconut oil 1 tble calories 117 fat 13g carbs 0g protein0g

Omega oils calories fat carbs protein

Almonds 10 nuts calories 69 fat 6g carbs 2g protein 2g

Brazil nuts 6 nuts calories190 fat 19g carbs 3g protein 4g

Sunflower seeds 32g calories 170g fat 15g carbs 6g protein 7g

Pumpkin seeds 32g calories 160g fat 12g carbs 4g protein 9g

Quinoa (cooked 128g) calories 229 fat 3g carbs 42g protein 8g

Olive oil 1 tble calories 119 fat 13g carbs 0g protein 0g

Avocado per 1 calories 322 fat 29g carbs 17g protein 4g


Almond milk 250ml calories 30 fat 2g carbs 1g protein1g

Quark 113g calories 70 fat 0g carbs 4g protein 13g

Greek yogurt 8oz calories 140 fat 0g carbs 9g protein 23g

Cottage cheese 113g calories 102 fat 3g carbs 4g protein 16g

Butter 1tble calories 102 fat 11g carbs 0g protein 0g

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